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SelfCare Catalog

SelfCare Catalog was close to maximizing customer acquisition from its catalog mailing program and needed to expand its marketing channels beyond direct mail. The question was, “Could SelfCare use print or TV to extend this opportunity and be profitable on the front-end while acquiring good new catalog shoppers?”

I developed a direct response print creative and media program. I wrote multiple ads and created a media schedule testing different categories of publications. Rates were significantly below rate card.

I also developed a TV direct response marketing opportunity plan so company management could make an empirically based decision concerning the risk of testing spot and infomercial TV advertising. I provided the background and reasoning to determine that, at this time, TV was not appropriate for SelfCare because of margin constraints, product categories, and the problem of turning TV shoppers into catalog shoppers.

SelfCare Catalog’s print advertising program in its first year increased overall company sales 25% and generated 40,000 new customers. This was the equivalent of mailing another 4,000,000 catalogs. From testing one product, SelfCare’s print program grew to over a dozen products in more than 25 publications. The program began with 1/3 black and white ads and moved up to 8 page color inserts in Newsweek and other mass media publications. Best of all, print shoppers turned into excellent catalog shoppers leading to a more than doubling of the company’s sales.


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