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The Sharper Image

The Sharper Image had suffered serious sales declines and was forced to reduce its internal telemarketing center staff and hours of operations. Its budget for advertising was cut drastically resulting in missed sales and customer acquisition opportunities.

I proposed and devised a solution for outsourcing after-hours and overflow telemarketing calls. Five service bureaus were put through an extensive due diligence process and one was selected for the project. I helped managed the transition and quality control to insure a smooth and successful start up.

Sharper Image had abandoned its print advertising campaign because of escalating rates. I helped the company find unique print opportunities at drastically reduced rates so it could continue as a significant part of The Sharper Image’s sales and customer acquisition process.

Sharper Image was able to provide its customers 24 hour service at a high quality level while keeping staff levels low and reducing overhead. During seasonal surges, more calls are outsourced resulting in lower abandon rates, shorter hold times, and greater efficiencies. The print marketing campaign has grown dramatically and was used by the Sharper Image to introduce new products, drive retail and web traffic, and keep its brand name strong and fresh.

Sharper Image asked me to build a national radio sales campaign to promote specific products and drive retail and web sales. Three weeks later Sharper Image was on the air with retail stores experiencing 25% to 30% sales increases. Since then, an exciting new remnant radio program has been implemented resulting in billions of advertising impressions at less than 50% of the cost. Radio became a Sharper Image core media driving retail, catalog, web and 800 sales.


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