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NordicTrack had sales of $16,000,000 and was extremely profitable. At the same time, advertising and follow up materials were weak, feature focused, and had confusing positioning. CML purchased NordicTrack from the founders and wanted to implement a more substantial marketing program. I was hired as NordicTrack’s first marketing professional with the assignment of maximizing the company’s potential.

I created a print ad campaign that beat the existing control, increasing the response 142% while reducing the CPI and CPO by approximately 50%. Through tough negotiation and powerful creative, I expanded the print program from 40 publications to over 120. All produced results under the ad allowable and CPO target. I produced the first NordicTrack television spots and managed to media. First year sales were in the millions and the campaign was rolled out to hundreds of stations.

I completely re-wrote and designed the backend conversion literature and repositioned the products. Conversions increased by over 25% and we sold a much higher percentage of the high priced NordicTrack models. The product mix strategy earned the company a million dollars in bottom line profit contribution the first year.

Inbound telemarketing sales and training programs were strengthened resulting in higher conversions, fewer returns, and sales coming earlier in the conversion process.

I began the first outbound telemarketing resulting in a CPO 55% under target. In six months, this program generated 14% of all NordicTrack sales. I managed outside service bureaus and an in-house outbound department.

The company had never had a public relations program. I managed the team resulting in extensive newspaper, magazine, radio, and TV coverage. National promotions with Maxwell House, Glidden Paint, and Campbell’s were negotiated and implemented.

In the first year, sales grew by 74% to $28,000,000 and profits grew 112% greatly exceeding all expectations. Sales more than doubled to $60,000,000 the next year.

After leaving NordicTrack, I consulted with the company on major outbound and inbound telemarketing projects as well as helping NordicTrack begin and test its first infomercial. I set up and managed five outbound service bureaus who called over 300,000 customers. The inbound project created a more personalized, custom sales approach for high volume TV leads resulting in higher conversions.


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