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The Phonics Game

A venture capital firm considering an investment in The Phonics Game commissioned me to perform a direct marketing business audit to determine the company’s strengths and to evaluate its potential for direct marketing growth. The venture firm was seeking quantitative and qualitative measures of the company’s current marketing as well as specific recommendations for future marketing activities.

I was given total access to the company’s marketing records, plans, and reports as well as time with all levels of management. Radio, television, print, direct mail, media buying, database management, conversion literature, reporting systems, sales rep compensation, and inbound and outbound telemarketing were closely examined and appraised. Every key aspect was looked at from a strategic point of view as well as a practical "tips and techniques" perspective.

The audit, which was completed in two weeks, clearly pinpointed specific actions the company could take to optimize its current marketing efforts, fix its weaknesses, and explore new opportunities. Based on my findings, the venture firm invested in The Phonics Game and for the first time the company had the capital to increase the professionalism and comprehensiveness of its direct marketing.

Because the report was clear, focused, and specific in its recommendations, the company hired me to execute many of the ideas presented. Over the next months, I worked with company management to solve many of the problems in sales approaches, database management, conversion techniques, media buying, and personnel issues. I also spearheaded the re-make of the infomercial, rationalized media buying, improved tracking and coding, and created and tested print, direct mail, and outbound telemarketing programs. The company’s business grew rapidly while margins increased.


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